Join us for our Kinetix Dance On Camera Workshops presented at our Regional events. Workshops will be taught by Film-Television Choreographers, alongside seasoned Entertainment Industry professionals. Our goal is to inspire dancers to explore the art of dance in new and exciting ways using the technology we all have at our fingertips.


Dancers will get a glimpse into the world of dance media production, through informative discussion of how to think outside the stage and craft new dance pieces for the screen, as well as an interactive experience. Our guest choreographer will teach participants a short combo, which they will use as the basis for the mini film shoot our team will guide dancers through. The short dance video created at the workshop will then be screened during the final awards ceremony of the weekend.

Make sure to RSVP to workshops on your Regional Event page!


Attend the Kinetix Experience Convention at select Regionals or at our National Finals to make a Music Video like the one above!

**Dance on Camera workshops will be held at regional events, space permitting. Kinetix will make every effort to book venues that can accommodate our workshops and make them accessible to the most attendees.  However a full roster of our DOC and cinema based dance workshops will be available at our National Finals.