• To incentivize dancers to grow and explore outside of their comfort zones

  • To restore the meaning and value in earning an award

  • To provide fair evaluation of overall routines and thoughtful nominations by judges

  • To nurture the developing dancer and support all dancers along a continuing path of achievement

  • To encourage dancers to reach for the next level

  • To create a system that allows our judges to focus on dancing, not numbers

  • To share artistic pursuits with one another in a supportive and growth-focused forum

  • To teach good sportsmanship, enrich dance education, uphold the true spirit of competition, ignite self-motivation, strengthen the bonds of artistic community and, above all, support the wellbeing and growth of every dancer on our stage.


Kinetix: Artistry in Motion is leading the competition industry into a new era. Utilizing new evaluation methods, encouraging the exploration of dance through new media, and creating a supportive atmosphere where dancers can share their artistry, Kinetix dancers will push themselves and lift others to new heights.

Kinetix takes a uniquely modern spin on the standard dance competition, nurturing dancers from the performance stage to the screen and beyond. By placing an emphasis on the performer’s experience and artistic exploration, dancers leave feeling accomplished, inspired, and connected to their dance communities. Kinetix expands the established competition experience by enhancing our dancers’ artistry through the cinematic lens. Special workshops and awards will broaden Kinetix participants’ dance craft by introducing them to multimedia production techniques.

Our events create a positive atmosphere wherein the shared values of the dance community are upheld rather than distorted in the name of competition. In developing a new system of adjudication, Kinetix intends to shift the focus away from merely ranking dancers, instead emboldening dancers to discover and share their best selves. Kinetix will encourage dancers to explore their art form in new ways and to strive for personal achievement while maintaining inclusive, supportive attitudes towards their fellow performers.


Welcome to the Kinetix stage!

Having grown up as a dance competitor myself, followed by years invested in many aspects of the dance and entertainment industries, I understand the positive and negative impacts competition can have on youth and adults alike.   

Children deserve the opportunity to flourish—to shine—in an atmosphere of support and inclusiveness. They crave the kind of constructive criticism that results in growth and want to receive accolades that set a reasonable bar for personal achievement. My goal is to provide healthy competition that pushes dancers to be their best as performers and people, and to further explore their art form while sharing their passion for dance with their peers.

Is Kinetix a competition? Yes. But it is equally an exhibition of dedicated young artists. Certain dancers and groups will be awarded the “top performance,” however, my intent is to offer an environment in which dancers are invigorated by each other’s creativity, ingenuity, and hard work—not divided by awards.

In this spirit, I created Kinetix, to change the way our competition approaches adjudication and redefine what winning means, focusing on artistic expression and achievement rather than rank. I also want to promote a modern focus on media and its intersection with dance. Dance is now encountered not only on the stage and in the studio, but on screens big and small. My years of experience in television and film production inspired me to incorporate dance on camera with our competition. We will teach, and hopefully encourage, all Kinetix participants to share their dance artistry through their own lens on social media and beyond.

I want every dancer on the Kinetix stage—whether an overall soloist or a member of a large group standing on the third row—to leave our events feeling accomplished and inspired in the collective pursuit of this art form.

Will you join me? Let’s take the stage!